The Best Canister Filter for Aquarium – The Complete Guide

Having the best canister filter for aquarium is a very important element of maintaining the health of your aquarium! The best canister filter will ensure that all the waste that is generated by the fish tank is captured and properly disposed of.

What’s The Scientific Name For Goldfish? A Complete Guide of The Carassius Auratus

Ever wondered what the scientific name for goldfish is? Carassius Auratus is known to be the name referred to goldfish by the scientific community. Goldfish are popular to the extent that even those who do not participate in the hobby of fish keeping have probably heard of or seen a goldfish, which is a testament to the tremendous appeal of this species.

How Many Fish Can Live In a 20 Gallon Tank?

How Many Fish Can Live In a 20 Gallon Tank? While there is no exact number of fish to be recommended, there are a few factors to be considered that can help to decide the optimum number of fish for your tank.

Betta Fish Needs to Keep Them Healthy and Safe

Although they are listed as one of the easiest species to care for in various articles and sources, betta fish needs must be appropriately looked at to avoid any hardship. Most of these complications occur due to the misunderstanding of their basic requirements.